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Where To Stay in Berlin: Best Areas To Stay For First-Time Visitors

Where To Stay in Berlin: Best Areas To Stay For First-Time Visitors

Introducing Berlin – the German capital and culture star, with delicious food, art galleries, world-renowned museums, and a notorious nightlife. This amazing city is quite the attraction, with over 10 million tourists visiting each year. Berlin’s fast-paced offerings make it one of the greatest European cities. And it is popular as a weekend getaway or as a pit stop on a Euro rail adventure.

Of course, Berlin’s fantastic range of things to do and experiences to have are not up for debate. It is safe to say that there are lots of places to visit in Berlin. What you really want to know is where to stay in Berlin. The German capital is split into 12 main boroughs, each offering its own distinct character. While you might want to play it safe and book a hotel in the most popular area, Mitte, it is also worth researching the other options you have.

Charlottenburg in West Berlin offers a sedate and cultured atmosphere that is perfect for those wanting a luxurious experience. While Friedrichshain is just irresistible for anyone who wants a cool, budget-friendly vibe with street art galore. Where you choose to stay in Berlin dramatically shapes your experience, so it’s worth paying attention to.

In this Berlin neighborhood guide, we’ll introduce you to the very best places to stay in Berlin. Whether you want a few drinks in Kreuzberg or to visit Checkpoint Charlie from Mitte, we’ll play matchmaker and provide you with the ultimate answer to ‘where to stay in Berlin’. Let’s get going.

Where to Stay in Berlin

Learning about where to stay in Berlin is vital to making the most of the city. Berlin is big- we won’t lie- and where you choose to stay will impact your experience of this city. Basically, you are in the right place.

This guide will run through the top four Berlin neighborhoods and give you all the juicy details – from where to stay, why to stay, and the pros and cons of each. You’ll be prepared when you visit Berlin.

Why you should listen to us…

As a side note, why should you listen to us? Well, here at Planet D, travel is for everyone. We are passionate about connecting travelers like yourselves with different corners of the world. We want you to have the best experience possible; we understand that not one shape fits all – it is essential to give you the information you need to find your perfect area in Berlin.

Furthermore, when it comes to visiting Berlin, we know our stuff. We have visited Berlin a few times and stayed in a bunch of different neighborhoods, so we are excited to share our knowledge of the city with you. There is no gatekeeping around here! Get ready for our favorite tips, tricks, and Berlin secrets.

Best Areas to stay in Berlin
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Don’t Have Time to Read the Full Article?

First-Time Visitor: If you are a first-time visitor, we’d suggest staying in Mitte. Mitte is the city center where all the major attractions, like the DDR Museum, Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Zoo, and Museum Island, are located. First-time visitors will appreciate being so centrally located, and they’ll have all the significant sightseeing opportunities at their fingertips. These are some hotels we suggest: Hotel Berlin Mitte by Campanile, A&O Hostel Berlin Hauptbahnhof, Mercure Hotel MOA Berlin.

Overall Our Favorites Areas in Berlin: Overall, our favorite areas to stay in Berlin are Mitte for its centrality, Friedrichshain for its street art, and Kreuzberg for its sense of fun. These three areas are the leading places to stay in Berlin, and if you are looking for a fun time rather than a quiet vibe, one of these would be ideal. Just check out the following hotels in each: Hotel ROMY by AMANO, Hotel Johann Berlin, Melia Berlin.

Alternate Accommodation: Finally, what about if you don’t want the classic hotel experience? What then? Well, Berlin has plenty of other accommodation types. If you want something like apartment-style accommodation or even a homestay, that’s fine. These are your best options in the city. Limehome Berlin Luise Henriette Street, HighPark Berlin am Potsdamer Platz, Boxi Studios Berlin.

Where We Stayed in Berlin: INNSIDE Berlin by Meliá

We stayed at INNSiDE by Melia Berlin Mitte during our visits to Berlin. We loved this 4-star hotel and can personally recommend it to you. It is centrally located in Mitte, meaning you are just minutes away from boutique stores and main attractions. The location allowed us to maximize our time sightseeing.

Facility-wise, the property has a sauna, gym, and terrace with beautiful views over Berlin. The onsite restaurant and daily buffet breakfast were also convenient.

Berlin Mitte: Central Berlin

Best Areas to stay Mitte Berlin
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You may want to stay in central Berlin for many reasons. Mitte is a fantastic Berlin neighborhood when it comes to sightseeing. And if you find taking public transport a hassle, you’ll be pleased to hear that nearly everything is within walking distance. Mitte is where to stay in Berlin if you want to sit lavishly amidst all the main tourist attractions – maximum effort and minimum reward.

There’s everything from Museum Island to the DDR Museum in Mitte. The DDR Museum showcases what it was like in pre-unified Germany when the former Berlin Wall was still standing. There’s also the Berlin Cathedral. This 19th-century cathedral has a beautiful interior and exterior, including an organ with 7,269 pipes and royal tombs. And you can really see the history of World War II in this Berlin district as it was an important neighborhood of the former East Berlin, especially at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. It is a brilliant spot to cram as much history and culture as possible into your trip to Berlin.

Mitte is in Berlin’s inner city, just north of the river in the city’s inner northwest center. Because of its convenient location, you can easily access Tiergarten. The vast state park is beautiful to cycle around on bikes, it is close to the Berlin Zoo (if you are into that) and is a leafier neighborhood to escape the busy streets. It is just minutes away from Mitte on foot.

Overall, Mitte’s atmosphere is one of inner-city entertainment. Think striking, historic architecture and tourist attractions left, right, and center.

Pros and Cons of Mitte

Where to Stay in Berlin Pros and Cons in Mitte City Center
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Mitte is central so it’s easy for sightseeing as you can walk to most attractions. This means that it is best for those who are only visiting Berlin for a short time and want to maximize all their sightseeing hours. The last thing you want to do is spend hours on public transport if you only have 1.5 full days in Berlin, right?

Mitte is also very much action-packed, which in turn means there’s great safety in numbers and it is relatively safe to walk around after dark.


If you want an authentic experience, Mitte might not be the one for you. It mostly has chain hotels rather than independent, boutique hotels. You also don’t get as much street artwork or immersion in Berlin’s true culture as you do in other suburbs.

It goes without saying that Mitte can get busy in peak seasons. It is safe overall. However, its crowds do mean that you can get drunken rowdy behavior and opportunistic crime like pickpocketing.

Highlights of staying in Mitte

Museum Island: Museum Island is literally an island with a collection of museums. The island is located on the Spree River, and visitors can cross one of the connecting bridges to visit. It is a unique setting for an informative afternoon out. TV Tower: The TV Tower, aka Berliner Fernsehturm, is a 368-meter tower with a viewing platform gallery at 203 meters. It’s one of the best viewpoints in Berlin. Brandenburg Gate: This restored 18th-century gate is stunning and a total postcard image of Berlin. The gate has 12 columns and a goddess statue atop it. Jewish Memorial: The Jewish Memorial, aka the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, is a stunning collection of 2,710 columns that create a maze. There’s also an underground exhibition room. Reichstag: Reichstag is a neo-renaissance parliament building with a beautiful 360-degree viewpoint from its Norman Foster glass dome.

Best Places to Stay in Mitte

Where to Stay in Berlin Best Places to Stay in Mitte Hotel de Rome
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Are you ready to look at places to stay in Mitte? These hotels have free Wi-Fi, and we’ll look at the best ones for each budget level. Mitte is most famous for its chain hotels rather than independent hotels. The neighborhood has a great mix of budget, mid-range, and luxury options.

You could stay at a hostel, 3-4-star, or luxury high-end hotel. These are the top three places to stay in Mitte.


URBAN LOFT Berlin is a high-caliber boutique hotel with spacious rooms and a daily buffet breakfast. A shared lounge, terrace, and bar are also perfect for a few evening tipples. URBAN LOFT Berlin is the ideal choice for a mid-range stay in Berlin, with all the facilities you need for a beyond-comfortable experience in the city.

The restaurant and café onsite provide the ultimate culinary convenience, and the location is perfect for enjoying the best of Mitte. Furthermore, each room comes with a private bathroom and complimentary toiletries.

TITANIC Chaussee Berlin

Titanic Chaussee Berlin made this list primarily for its stunning indoor pool facilities. It is one of the only hotels in Berlin with an indoor pool. If you visit the city on a sightseeing break, a regular swim is precisely what you need to soothe sore muscles.

The hotel also features onsite restaurants and room service – perfect for those days when you just need convenience at mealtime. There’s also an onsite spa and sports club for downtime while exploring Berlin.

Each room at Titanic Chaussee Berlin has a bathroom with a rainforest shower and flat-screen TV. All private rooms are bright and elegant, with a modern design.

Location-wise, this property is perfect. Guests are just a 10-minute walk from the Berlin Main Station. Less than 2 minutes from the Natural History Museum and near the Berlin Wall Memorial.

IntercityHotel Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Intercity Hotel Berlin Hauptbahnhof is a super stylish boutique hotel. Located just 200 meters from the main train station, it is as central as it can get in Berlin. There’s free Wi-Fi, and guests get a comfortable, trendy base from which to dig deeper when sightseeing in Berlin – aided by its proximity to all the main attractions.

The hotel has bright, contemporary-styled rooms. Each room has its own seating area, ensuite, and TV. Intercity Hotel Berlin Hauptbahnhof is a fabulous chain hotel in Mitte.

This hotel serves a daily buffet breakfast and has a bar onsite. The 24-hour front desk is also an excellent service for those looking for assistance with concierge services during their stay.

Finally, the Intercity Hotel Berlin Hauptbahnhof is conveniently located minutes from the Reichstag Parliament Building and a 30-minute walk from Potsdamer Platz.

Prenzlauer Berg: Cool and Hip Atmosphere

Where to Stay in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg
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In a word, Prenzlauer Berg is hip. This Berlin neighborhood is filled with indie shops and has undergone massive gentrification, giving it a weathered but cool vibe. Founded in 1920, it became a place of counterculture and revolutionary thinking after the fall of the Wall in 1989.

Prenzlauer Berg is boho and intellectual to its core. Think pedestrianized walkways and brightly painted shops. Everything is a short walk away – whether you want clothing stores or a café to people-watch from.

Compared to other Berlin neighborhoods, Prenzlauer Berg is one of the trendiest places to stay or visit in Berlin. If you want to know where to stay in Berlin for a downtown-type vibe, Prenzlauer Berg is the one. And if you do want to head into the central Berlin district, the u Bahn station is just a short distance away, ready to take you to world-class museums and historic sites. Budget travelers will love how accessible Prenzlauer Berg is by public transport. And partiers will love its funky atmosphere and culture.

Regarding attractions, Prenzlauer Berg has Mauerpark, its regular flea market, Oderberger Strasse, its second-hand shops, and – of course – the Berlin Wall Memorial.

Pros and Cons of Prenzlauer Berg

Where to Stay in Berlin Pros and cons of Prenzlauer Berg
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Prenzlauer Berg has a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of trendy streets, cafes, bars, and shops. It is an ideal place to treat yourself to a fun insight into Berlin’s early counterculture and give you a totally different perspective of the city than you’d get in Mitte. Think authentic and funky. It is also still central enough to provide easy access to main tourist attractions.


Prenzlauer Berg can get crowded as it is a trendy neighborhood. It is an amazing place to stay, but everyone knows it, which means it gets busy and prices can rocket, especially in peak season. You will also have to resign yourself to the U Bahn on occasion too, as you aren’t within walking distance of all attractions.

Highlights of staying in Prenzlauer Berg

Mauerpark Flea Market: Everyone loves a flea market, right? This beautiful park hosts a flea market every Sunday where you can snag little treasures at low prices. Independent Shops and Cafes: Similarly, Prenzlauer Berg is full of independent cafes and boutique shops. It is all about al fresco dining and drinking and hopping between kitschy shops, thrifting clothing stores, and bookstores. Downtown Vibe: It is no secret that Prenzlauer Berg is where to stay in Berlin if you want to experience a downtown vibe. It is cool, edgy, and dense with culture. Partying and Nightlife: Prenzlauer Berg’s nightlife and partying are also great. If you like to go out, its trendy bars and clubs are a definite neighborhood highlight.

Best Places to Stay in Prenzlauer Berg

Where to Stay in Berlin Best Places to stay in Prenzlauer Berg
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As you may expect, Prenzlauer Berg has some fabulous independent hotels. While it has its fair share of chains, for the most part, its hip and trendy culture continues from its streets to its accommodation options. Look at the best places you can stay in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin.

Hotel Oderberger

Boutique hotels just don’t usually come like Hotel Oderberger Berlin. This architectural masterpiece dates from 1902 and is situated in an old public bathhouse, newly transformed into a high-caliber boutique hotel for the tourists in the know who choose Prenzlauer Berg as their Berlin base.

The hotel features a dramatic indoor pool – the former bathhouse pool – and original stone feature walls. The building also has vaulted ceilings and exposed beams. Facilities include a sauna, onsite restaurant, and bar.

Rooms have free Wi-Fi and minifridges with tea and coffeemakers. For a more spacious experience, you can choose suite and apartment options, which even offer kitchenettes.

Finally, Hotel Oderberger Berlin is just six minutes on foot from its nearest u Bahn station and, therefore, a great place to stay and use public transport to reach the closest attractions.

Victor’s Residenz-Hotel

Victor’s Residenz-Hotel is a leading boutique hotel with spacious rooms overlooking the gorgeous Volkspark Friedrichshafen. If you want a nice spot in Prenzlauer Berg, this centrally located hotel is ideal and has beautiful views of green space.

The 4-star hotel offers a complimentary breakfast and a restaurant, bar, and meeting space. It ticks all the boxes for an upmarket hotel stay and provides stunning views of the nearby park.

You can choose from rooms or suites, occasionally including a balcony, kitchenette, or separate living space. The Nespresso machines are a nice touch.

Furthermore, you are just minutes from the nearby u Bahn station, meaning easy travel into the center to visit Berlin’s major attractions.

Myer’s Hotel Berlin

Myer’s Hotel Berlin is one of the best luxury hotels and answers the age-old question of where to stay in Berlin. The grand hotel is set in a bright white, stately stone building. Myer’s Hotel screams class.

The interior design is equally dramatic, with elegant wallpaper and furnishings such as marble bathrooms. The facilities are just as impressive, offering a spa with a steam room and sauna and a private garden with terraced seating and elaborate sculptures.

Guests have access to a daily buffet service and plenty of restaurants nearby. If you want a convenient meal, there is also an onsite dining service at certain hours.

In terms of location, Myer’s Hotel Berlin is south of Prenzlauer Berg. Wasserturm Park is nearby, and the nearest U-Bahn station is minutes away.

Friedrichshain: Budget Travelers and Boho

Incredible street art on East Berlin Wall
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If Prenzlauer Berg is boho, Friedrichshain is punky. This Berlin neighborhood is where to stay in Berlin if you want techno nightlife and Soviet-era buildings. Friedrichshain has a strong sense of character and a grungy atmosphere, perfect for those wanting a baptism of fire from the best neighborhoods in Berlin.

You can enjoy spotting Soviet architecture during the day and catching public transport to inner-city attractions. And then by night, you can be partying hard at techno clubs.

Friedrichshain is famed for its Karl-Marx-Allee – a namesake that’s evidence enough of its strong and edgy character. It is also where you’ll find the renowned Berghain nightclub, aka the most demanding club in the world to get into. This club runs for 24 hours on weekends and is renowned for taking hours to queue only to get turned away. It is somewhat of an iconic challenge. Berghain is one of the most exclusive clubs out there.

You can easily catch public transport to the city center, and Friedrichshain is within walking distance of many political murals on the East Side Gallery. It might not be Mitte, but it’s still central enough to enjoy easy sightseeing.

Pros and Cons of Friedrichshain

Where to Stay in Berlin Pros and Cons of Friedrichshain
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Friedrichshain is full of character, which is its main draw. It is the home of punk and all things alternative in Berlin, with a notorious nightlife that includes the hallowed Berghain nightclub. It also provides you with access to the East Side Gallery – the most famed remaining section of the now-street-art-adorned Berlin Wall.


Friedrichshain can be busy as it is a popular place to be. It is definitely a victim of its own success sometimes, especially in peak season. Keep in mind that nightlife is loud in this suburb and there is frequent drug use, some of which spills out onto the streets. To overcome this, you need to be picky with hotels and make sure you aren’t staying near any clubs.

Highlights of staying in Friedrichshain

East Side Gallery: The East Side Gallery is the most famous section of the remaining Berlin Wall and the longest open-air gallery in the world. Soviet heritage: The Soviet-era buildings are among the leading highlights of visiting Friedrichshain. It gives the neighborhood a really historical and distinctive aesthetic. Berghain: Berghain is a notoriously tricky club to enter that has been operating since 2004. On the weekends, it is open 24 hours and is a beacon of punk culture. Great nightlife and punk culture: Similarly, Friedrichshain’s excellent punk nightlife and music culture are other massive neighborhood highlights. If you are a music lover and wondering where to stay in Berlin, this is undeniably the spot for you. The number of clubs, music stores, and recording studios is fantastic.

Best Places to Stay in Friedrichshain

Where to Stay in Berlin Best Places to Stay in Friedrichshain
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Friedrichshain is a beautiful place to stay in Berlin, and its hotel scene is equally fabulous. There’s a great mix of budget hotels and more upscale stays. And if you want to embrace its punk culture, there are many edgy independent venues.

Ready? Let’s take a look at this neighborhood’s best hotels.

Kiez Hostel Berlin

Kiez Hostel Berlin is a relaxed hostel that follows the mantra “What you see is what you get “. It offers modern rooms with basic bunk beds, as well as apartment-style rooms with kitchen and living room facilities. More basic private rooms that sleep up to two guests are also available.

Kiez Hostel is a short walk from the Media Art Center. It is situated on a pleasant, leafy street minutes from a U-Bahn station, allowing you to easily travel to the city center for sightseeing.

Facility-wise, you get access to a dining area and a shared lounge. Kiez Hostel is ideal for anyone wanting to socialize and meet new friends.

Kiez is also great for budget travelers and is one of the most cost-effective places to stay in Berlin. This is the perfect spot to save cash and experience Friedrichshain.

Michelberger Hotel

Michelberger Hotel is a stunning boutique hotel with great attention to detail, from its stripped walls and feature wallpaper to designer lighting. The whole property takes style to new levels, and it is beautifully situated in Friedrichshain’s center – just 500 meters from the O2 World Arena.

Michelberger Hotel has a range of rooms, each individually furnished to truly embrace artistic individuality and a unique experience for all guests. Each room has an ensuite; some have special features, like loft rooms with a mezzanine floor and a luxury room with a gold four-poster bed.

The property is centrally located in Friedrichshain, opposite some of Berlin’s best clubs. The u Bahn station is only a walk away, which is a convenient touch.

Facilities include an onsite café meets bar. Massage services can be booked, and a breakfast buffet is served daily.

Hotel nhow Berlin

It doesn’t get cooler than Hotel nhow Berlin. This hotel has its very own recording studios – wow, right? In true Friedrichshain style, it really channels the neighborhood’s musical culture. You can even order guitars and keyboards for your room, and suites feature grand pianos.

Hotel nhow Berlin is on the outskirts of Friedrichshain, overlooking the Spree River. The inspiring East Side Gallery is about a 10-minute walk away.

The rooms have iPod docks. You can spend more on grand suites with pianos, kitchenettes, and seating areas. The modern rooms are really comfortable, and some have river views.

Finally, Hotel nhow Berlin has a sauna, steam room, and gym for guest use. Its restaurant has floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the river, two recording studios, and a concert stage.

Kreuzberg: A Fun and Student-Style Atmosphere

Where to Stay in Berlin Kreuzberg Marheinecke Square Bergmannkietz
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Kreuzberg is arty, studenty, and full of a thirst for life. This Berlin neighborhood is a haven of quirky shops and laidback cafes – which we all know are the iconic duo for a great city break. You can kick back and people-watch with a strong coffee or hit the thrift shops and bizarre antique stores. Kreuzberg is impossible not to love; at night, it transforms again with cool bars and a proper buzz. The student presence gives Kreuzberg a youthful energy. It is where to stay in Berlin if you want to channel your inner creativity and let your hair down.

Kreuzberg is divided in half by the Landwehr Canal, which pleasantly provides a waterfront many hotels use to offer water and city views. You can also enjoy kayaking and boat tours. It’s great to mix things up beyond the standard urban attractions. Visiting Berlin is a real kaleidoscope of activities. Landwehr Canal is a great place to get active, not just jump between museums and historical main attractions.

Besides the Landwehr Canal, Kreuzberg has tons of street art and regular food markets. It is home to Checkpoint Charlie and Potsdamer Platz. Viktoriapark is also a hotspot for picnics and sunbathing with friends, especially in summer. Kreuzberg is in south Berlin, just below the Spree River and Tempelhofer Feld.

Pros and Cons of Kreuzberg

Where to Stay in Berlin Pros and Cons of Kreuzberg National Monument Viktoriapark on the Hill
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Kreuzberg’s youthful vibe is refreshing and fun. The university gives it a real boost in terms of low-cost activities, dining, and drinking opportunities. If you want a light-hearted and sociable stay in Berlin, Kreuzberg is it. The canal scenery is a nice touch, especially if you find accommodation overlooking the water. It is great to have attractions in the neighborhood itself too, like Checkpoint Charlie.


Kreuzberg can be busy with students, especially in term time. Its nightlife can get rowdy and loud too, even near residential areas, so be mindful of reading reviews to make sure your chosen accommodation doesn’t get regular noise complaints.

You’ll also be using public transport to visit most attractions in Berlin, as Kreuzberg is located south of the city center.

Highlights of staying in Kreuzberg

Checkpoint Charlie: Checkpoint Charlie is a definite highlight of staying in Kreuzberg. This historic landmark marks the old boundary between East and West Berlin and still has a white sentry guard house. You can actually approach and cross the old cobbled borderline – an eerie experience. Green space: The green space near Kreuzberg is another leading factor that makes it a great place to stay in Berlin. Tempelhofer Feld is the most significant green space; interestingly, it is a former airport. The airport was scrapped and turned into a free public park, and it is now one of the leading attractions near Kreuzberg. Water scenery: The water scenery from Landwehr Canal is a brilliant highlight of staying in Kreuzberg. You can enjoy the waterfront footpaths and hiking opportunities or participate in water activities.  Student atmosphere and nightlife: Everyone knows that student nightlife is excellent fun. Kreuzberg throws you headfirst into some of the most fun and extroverted German partying. You can jump between bars and clubs and take advantage of student night parties.

Best Places to Stay in Kreuzberg

Where to Stay in Berlin Best Places to Stay in Kreuzberg Molecule Man
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We all know Kreuzberg is excellent fun, and its accommodation scene is equally fantastic. Unlike in more central neighborhoods like Mitte, the prices aren’t steep, which is another big bonus. And if you choose wisely, you can find hotels with green spaces or water views.

Are you ready to look at the accommodation Kreuzberg has to offer? We’ve got lots to show you. These are the top three hotels or hostels to base yourself in this fun-loving neighborhood in Berlin.

Hotel Chateau Royal Berlin

Hotel Chateau Royal Berlin is one of Kreuzberg’s best luxury hotels. It is a dream location, less than a 10-minute walk from the Brandenburg Gate. You have everything on your doorstep, yet you are on the other side of the river, so you experience less tourism than if you stayed in Mitte.

Each guest room has a seating area, ensuite, and a kettle to make hot drinks. Some even boast beautiful city views. It is nice to appreciate the Berlin skyline from a quiet distance.

In terms of services, there is a 24-hour front desk where tourists can get help with tours. There’s also room service – the perfect cure after a night of partying.

Finally, this hotel has its own onsite restaurant and bar. And, of course, you get free Wi-Fi throughout your stay.

Living Hotel Berlin Mitte

Living Hotel Berlin Mitte is another hotel on the edge of Kreuzberg, located in the northeast of the neighborhood, just under the canal. Of course, this location means certain upgraded rooms have beautiful canal views. It is also easy to use public transport to reach the city center’s attractions.

Living Hotel Berlin Mitte offers a range of rooms, not just canal or city-view rooms. You can choose standard rooms with minibars, desks, and modern furnishings. You can also pick apartment-style rooms with separate living areas and either kitchenettes or proper kitchens.

The hotel offers a continental breakfast option and has an Indian restaurant on site, with a patio that overlooks the canal. You can also enjoy the onsite cocktail bar when you don’t feel like venturing into Kreuzberg’s bar scene.

Finally, the Living Hotel’s other facilities include a sauna, gym, and hot tub – perfect for relaxing after lots of sightseeing.

Three Little Pigs Hostel Berlin

Three Little Pigs Hostel is one of the best places to stay in Berlin if you are a budget traveler or visiting the city solo. The casual hotel offers a mix of private and dorm rooms, so you can opt for privacy or throw yourself into an extrovert’s paradise. Each bed gets a locker, and the dorm rooms feature bunk beds. The private rooms mostly feature double or single beds, and some have private bathrooms.

Facility-wise, you get a communal kitchen to cook up a storm and avoid eating out daily. You also get access to a bar – perfect for meeting new friends and socializing. And there’s a communal lounge, onsite activities, and entertainment with a TV and pool tables.

Guests can enjoy a continental breakfast buffet each morning. There are also laundry facilities on site. There’s even a meeting room, ideal for digital nomads and those mixing business with pleasure.

Most impressively, though, Three Little Pigs Hostel Berlin is set in a former nunnery. This relaxed setting means this historic hotel has many interesting stories behind its walls. It is also conveniently located just a short walk from Checkpoint Charlie.

Most impressively though, Three Little Pigs Hostel Berlin is set in a former nunnery. This really cool setting means this is a historic hotel and has plenty of interesting stories behind its walls. It is also conveniently located just a short walk from Checkpoint Charlie.

FAQs: Where to Stay in Berlin

FAQs Where to Stay in Berlin Landwehrkanal Boecklerpark
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Before booking your hotel in your chosen Berlin neighborhood, look at these quickfire essentials. Consider these FAQs before pressing that ‘book’ button.

Which area of Berlin is best to stay in?

Berlin Mitte will probably be your best choice, especially if this is your first stay in Berlin. It is where you’ll find all the tourist attractions and be within walking distance of most sightseeing activities.

Is 3 days long enough for Berlin?

Yes, you can definitely see the main sights with 3 days in Berlin. However, if you want to plan day trips or take things slower, we’d recommend 4 to 5 days in Berlin.

What is a good location in Berlin?

Mitte or Friedrichshain are great locations in Berlin. If you are looking for places to stay in the city, either of these Berlin neighborhoods will do your experience justice.

What’s the coolest neighborhood in Berlin?

The coolest neighborhood in Berlin is Friedrichshain. This is where the graffiti of the two men kissing is located and the remaining section of the East Berlin wall. The neighborhood is full of colorful street art and edgy architecture.

Where not to stay in Berlin

Where not to stay in Berlin Spandau shipping Canal Moabit
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Most of Berlin’s neighborhoods are great places to stay to different degrees and for different experiences. Would you stay in Charlottenburg for raging nightlife? Probably not. Would you stay in Berlin Mitte for peace and quiet? Equally, probably not. However, none of these areas are ‘no-go areas’; it is just a matter of personal preference.

So, what exactly are the ‘no-go’ areas in Berlin? Where should you definitely not stay? Take a look at the next section.

The first place you should firmly scratch off your list is Moabit. The crime rate there has sharply increased, especially at night. It has a reasonably central location, but the amount of pickpocketing and petty crimes makes it not worth the risk. Choose Friedrichshain instead.

Marzahn-Hellersdorf is next up, and while reasonably innocent, this neighborhood mostly gets the boot for being too residential. It is on the outskirts of Berlin and a painstaking commute away from the major tourist sites. Its quiet streets can be unsettling and unsuitable for solo travelers, especially at night. Charlottenburg is a better option for a residential but central vibe.

Alexanderplatz is another place you should treat with caution. This may seem a little hypocritical as Alexanderplatz is located within Berlin Mitte – one of, if not the most, popular places to stay in Berlin. However, this specific pocket of Mitte sees high levels of drug use and can be risky to walk alone around at night. We’d steer clear. It shouldn’t be difficult to avoid, as Mitte has fabulous different areas and places to stay.

Geography of the City

Where to Stay in Berlin Geography of the City Berliner U Bahn Oberbaum
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Berlin is a large city with a cluster of 12 main districts around its center and a sprawling outskirts. The main tourist attractions are all around the center, which gets more residential as you spread out. If you are visiting Berlin, chances are you’ll be staying central. However, you shouldn’t forget to check out some of the castles in Germany by venturing out on a few day trips. Berlin is an excellent launchpad for further exploration.

Ofrlin was, historically, once split into the former East Berlin and West Berlin. However, the crumbling Berlin Wall Memorial is now little more than a historic site and attraction. The city’s layout is categorized like any other metropolitan city: north, south, east, and west. When deciding where to stay in Berlin, knowing a little about each is important.

Best Neighborhoods to stay in Berlin
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North Ber area is where you’ll find Mauerpark and the trendy suburb of Pankow. South Berlin is where you’ll discover Tempelhofer Feld and Landwehrkanal, one of the central bodies of water in the city. West Berlin is where Tiergarten – a vast state park – reaches out to Charlottenburg, one of the most popular residential neighborhoods which is the location of the famous Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche (Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church), which was left in its bombed-out state to testify to the devastation of war. East Berlin is more street art and urban, home to trendy Friedrichshain. And finally, the city’s center is where you’ll find Mitte and all the main tourist attractions.

Stay in trendy neighborhoods off the main tourist track if you want to be in North Berlin. South is equally off-the-beaten-track but offers waterfront views and activities. Stay in West Berlin for a leafy suburb vibe, while East is funkier and artistic urban. Finally, stay in the city center if you are short on time. It has everything at your fingertips.

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